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Make a move, make a statement. Our Edge range is about making your mark by smashing past your fitness goals and doing it in killer style. Every look in the Edge range packs a punch, with bold colours and edgy designs that dazzle the competition. With all eyes on you, you’re equipped with the skills, talent, and hottest in activewear to snatch the win from right under their noses.

Primal - Sports Bra
Origin - High-waisted leggings
Primal - Cross Bra
Elemental - High Waisted Leggings
Origin - Sports Bra
Ablaze - Sports Bra
Primal - Leggings
Dauntless - Sports Cross Bra
Flourish - High waisted Leggings
Pounce - Leggings
Pounce - Sports Bra
Stealth - Sports Bra
Stealth - Leggings
Ablaze - High Waisted Leggings
Flourish - Sports Cross Bra
Predator - Leggings
Predator - Sports Bra
Scale Up - Sports Bra
Rosetta at Dusk - Leggings
Rosetta at Dusk - Sports Bra
Scale Up - Leggings