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Lights Out

Keep under the radar and get the job done in premium fitness wear. The Lights Out collection offers darker aesthetics for when you’re looking to harness supernatural strength. Mysterious designs offer the cover of unparalleled style in dark, sleek colours. These patterns represent your innate, secret powers through the interplay of light and dark – unleash at will.

Dauntless - Leggings
Dauntless - Sports Bra
Glam Lightning - High-waisted leggings
Glam Lightning - Sports Bra
Raindance - Leggings
Stealth - Sports Bra
Stealth - Leggings
Aqua Glow - High waisted Leggings
Raindance - Sports Bra
Lush - Leggings
Aqua Glow - Sports Cross Bra
Bioluminescence - Leggings
Shadowfern - Leggings
Scale Up - Leggings
Scale Up - Sports Bra
Aqua Glow - Sports Bra
Bioluminescence - Sports Bra
Rosetta at Dusk - Leggings
Rosetta at Dusk - Sports Bra
Lush - Sports Bra
Shadowfern - Sports Bra