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It’s your spirit that makes you truly who you are. When it comes to fitness wear, the Spirit Collection speaks to every vibrant, vivid, and vivacious facet of your soul, allowing them to come together so you perform to your true potential. Featuring a variety of colours and designs that light up your aesthetic, these dynamic, lively patterns energise you with every move.

Beacon - Leggings
Primal - Sports Bra
Primal - Cross Bra
Ablaze - Sports Bra
Primal - Leggings
Beacon - Sports Bra
Floral Ambition - Sports Bra
Techno Tropic - Leggings
Pounce - Leggings
Pounce - Sports Bra
Interlinked - Sports Bra
Ablaze - High Waisted Leggings
Predator - Leggings
Predator - Sports Bra
Techno Tropic - Sports Bra
Scale Up - Leggings
Scale Up - Sports Bra
Interlinked - Leggings
Cyberfunk - Leggings
Cyberfunk - Sports Bra
Floral Ambition - Leggings
Float - Leggings
Float - Sports Bra
Psychelicious - Sports Bra
Lightplay - Leggings
Lightplay - Cross Bra