We’re All About Premium Fitness Wear

What defines us? Here at Sacrifice Now, we focus on the future by developing and building our now. Fitness is in our being. It is the essence that drives us—towards a better tomorrow. Early on in our journey, we realised that being well-equipped with the right active-wear makes every step, every lift and every stretch easier to achieve. And with each body movement, we’re closer to feeling and performing the way that we desire – at our peak.

“Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be”

Khloe Kardashian

Move Beyond

We’re taking you away from material that irritates you with every movement you make in your workout session. Now you will no longer be weighed down by thoughts of your gym tights or yoga leggings failing you. And your hard-earned perspiration won’t become a transparent embarrassment no matter how high the kick or how complex the pose! You would also be done with having to look for a place to keep your essentials while on a run or engage in a HIIT session.

“The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.”

Marvin Phillips

Discover Potential, Discover Yourself

Sacrifice Now represents the pinnacle of sportswear – it’s the ultimate choice in technical support and comfort that shows off killer style to match your spirit. We believe that looking great and feeling even better is more than just a need--it’s something that you deserve—and our premium wear is designed to deliver just that. We’ve developed materials that withstand pre-workout stretch and high-intensity training. Sacrifice Now uses flexible material that keeps up with your pace and moves. Our sportswear has been designed for all forms of exercise, motivating your body to go the extra mile and unleash undiscovered potential.

We’re All About Premium Fitness Wear

Always innovating, Sacrifice Now offers sweat-proof fabric. We know you’re relentless because so are we. And that’s why each of our garment accounts for your active lifestyle. We understand the individual who chooses to hit the gym hard and follow it up with a chilled social event at a nearby, trendy café. Yes, we’re about fitness, but fitness represents a lifestyle. Our fabric means that moving from training to unwinding is a freshly, stylish affair. We understand the value of pockets for men and women, so we’ve integrated secure pockets into many of our options. Our active-wear collection keeps you cool, collected, and confident. The functionality of our sportswear is matched only by its looks – we use vibrant colour, impactful designs and great-fitting cuts, creating signature aesthetics that slay both in and out of the gym.

“Strength does not come from the physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Spirit

Sacrifice Now was created by two friends, based in the United Kingdom, who understand the power of the mind, the spirit and the body, all working as one. Knowing their potential and pushing themselves, sacrificing for the sake of perfection, performance and health, they needed an activewear range to enhance their training. They value sacrifice for the end goal, working and ever-improving. They also value inspiration and have chosen to inspire and motivate through the design of bold, functional sportswear that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg – it just helps to build them.

For a better tomorrow, Sacrifice Now.